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Some Comic Lebanese Phrases

1- Mekhed maw2af = he took a parking spot

2- Roo7 balet el ba7er = go tile the ocean

3- Ensa el bansa = forget the pliers

4- Re7na slata = we went salad

5- Ma ta3tee wej = don't give him face

6- Shu fee, ma fee = what's going on, not going on

7- 3omrak ma terja3 = for your entire age, don't come back

8- La tizi = to my butt

9- To2borny = bury me

10- 3ala rase = on my head

11- Bayed tanajer = you are making these pots white

12- 3ayesh bl khasse = you are living in a lettuce

12- 3am nto2 7anak = we are cracking jaws

14- Mat5aleehon yekloolek rasek = don't let them eat your head 

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